GoodReader works fine on the iPad2.

It’s a PDF reader that works properly and can download PDFs from my various online RPG libraries – and with a remarkable lack of fuss for an Apple product.  The interface for reading those PDFs is likewise intuitive to use; I haven’t done any marking and/or editing yet, but it looks like it’ll be helpful there, too.  If you were planning to use your iPad 2 to store gaming documents (and have them on hand for games), GoodReader looks like a good bet at five bucks.  I may even be able to cut down on my print library a little.

I mention this largely because I routinely use this forum to scream about the iPad’s frustrating unwillingness to do things that are really very, very simple: so it’s only fair to note when it works right, too.

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  • Rob Crawford says:

    GoodReader and DropBox — a match made in heaven. Set up the books, etc you want to read in a DropBox directory, and tell GoodReader to sync that directory. Not as effortless as Kindle’s sync, but pretty good.

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