#rsrh QotD, They Would Splutteringly Agree…

…If Only They Dared edition:

…Obama is a fighter for the progressive cause. Progressives are upset with him because he is a loser.

James Taranto (H/T Instapundit).  To which I’ll add: I will not say that I am no longer scared of our eventual candidate facing President Obama in the next election, because I was never scared in the first place.  But I will say that it is pleasant to see more and more members of the Republican party catching up to my position.


  • jetty says:

    Help me understand why Obama is perceived as a loser by the Left.

    In three years, he pushed the debt from $10 trillion to $15 trillion, increased baseline spending, increased the size and scope of government, crippled the American economy with job-killing policies and regulations, has kept underemployment above 16%, pushed the judiciary far to the left, replaced the Rule of Law with a law of rules, dissed Allies and slashed defense spending.

    He has dealt a blow to the evil private sector and ramped up crony capitalism. He has made more citizens dependent on the State. He has diminished America’s standing in the world. The USA is getting closer to surrendering its sovereignty to China/Europe/the UN/credit agencies.

    Isn’t this what liberals want? Yes, he has compromised some along the way (employing Bush’s policies against terrorists and extending the Bush tax cuts, for example). But he is gutting the American free market/job creating/wealth creating system. Aside from confiscating 401K plans, putting Limbaugh’s head on a pike (next to Palin’s), annulling the Constitution and/or making conservative speech a crime, hasn’t Obama delivered for the Left?

  • Cameron says:

    The problem, jetty, is that he hasn’t delivered enough.

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