Wisconsin Recall Elections, Take Two.

Jim Holperin against Kim Simac (R) in the 12th district; Bob Wertz against Jonathan Steitz (R) in the 22nd. Of the two, Holperin is considered to be more vulnerable; but the Democrats’ failure to win back the Senate last week has put this election – and the Wisconsin Democratic long-term agenda generally – on the back burner*. Which is entertaining enough, in its way – then again, there’s something deep, dark, and not very nice in the human psyche that enjoys watching an enemy run across a field at full tilt, only to step on a rake. Put another way: from the GOP’s point of view, this is mostly about trying to make the EPIC FAIL of the Democrats’ even more obvious than it is already**.

Anyway, still looking for the AP link for the results: but you’ll be able to see them here (via Legal Insurrection) in the meantime.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*How much so? Not even the now sadly-diminished PPP can keep from admitting that a majority of Wisconsin voters opposes recalling Walker next year.

**If someone doesn’t think that the Democrats lost last week I can only shrug and offer a certain detached sympathy for his or her need to tell him or herself that the opposition party spending tens of millions of dollars in order to fail to retake the state Senate represents some sort of victory. And that’s only because that level of disconnect between one’s internal life and objective reality rarely fails to slop over into other people’s lives, too.

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  1. But Moe, haven’t you realized by now that “everyone” is a winner because there are no losers? I’m surprised they haven’t demanded their 2nd place trophy yet just for trying. Stop trying to damamge their fragile egos!

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