#rsrh QotD, I’d Pay A Buck To See That edition.

The Gormogons, on White House Press Secretary Jay Carney’s coming crackup:

Carney must realize that this point that he is walking a plank. He knows the press is better informed than he is, and that any good, solid statement he makes will be contradicted within the hour by someone else in the White House. One of these days—and trust the Czar on matters like this—Carney is simply going to show up to a press conference in a sweatshirt, three or four beers in him, and just shrug off every question with “What the hell do I care?”

My sympathy is zero, by the way.  He voluntarily took that job, after all.

Moe Lane

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  • lourae says:

    Tapper: “Dude . . . you . . . you okay, buddy?”
    Carney: (begins softly sobbing) “Why can’t you guys just ask me questions about ‘Russian and Eastern European Studies’? Gibbs is always sayin’ ‘boy, you got to run ya own life’ . . . but my life’s runnin’ me and . . . Gibbs?”

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