#rsrh Let me reverse Jim Geraghty’s question on him.

He asked “What’s Keeping Thad McCotter Out of the Debates?  I ask, What’s Keeping Jon Huntsman In Them?

Honestly, at this point if it were up to me the following five people at most would be on the stage, and only three of them (soon to be two) would be there because of their poll positions:

  • Bachmann.   She’s still actually in it, although Bachmann looks increasingly in trouble.  Oh, well, four will do if it comes to that; I will decide whether we need to winnow down the number to four in a month or so.
  • Cain.  Not because he’ll win, but because I’d actually like to hear the candidates discuss proper Republican policy on jobs, Cain  knows something about jobs, and having him there will keep everybody else grounded.
  • Gingrich.  He’s not going to win the nomination, either.  But he cuts the talking-head moderators for running the debates in a form that they want, rather than in a form that we need.  He cuts them filthy.  I love watching that, and so does pretty much every other right-wing blogger and pundit that has to watch these things.  In other words, this is for… me, you understand?  I want this!  I don’t ask for much!  You can let me have this one little thing!
  • Perry.  He’s one of the two likely nominees at this point.  Enough said.
  • Romney.  He’s one of the two likely nominees at this point.  Enough said.

The other folks… :shrug:  Sorry, but this isn’t 2004.  We’re kind of in a crisis mode right now.

Moe Lane

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  • Darin H says:

    I’d rather have Huntsman and his stupid jokes (waaa waaaaaaaa sad trombone) on stage than “Tardisil” Bachmann – At this point I think the best case scenario that I’m hoping she doesn’t end her campaign with a Dean Scream.

  • Doug Stewart says:

    I hadn’t heard the “Tardisil” neologism yet. You made me snork saltwater taffy up the back of my nose.


  • Nigel Ray says:

    I don’t see what crisis mode has to do with it. The important thing at this point is to keep the MSM guessing as long as possible about who our nominee will be, so that they can’t organize their attacks. More people on the stage seems like it helps that.

  • PubliusNV says:

    McCotter would be much more educational and entertaining than Huntsman. I kind of wish he wasn’t running, though, since it means he can’t be on Red Eye.

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