#rsrh QotD, You And Me Both, Scott Edition.

(H/T: Instapundit) Scott Rasmussen is getting a little vexed with the punditry’s apparent need to settle the field now:

“I am somewhat irritated with the desire to pick a winner now,” says Rasmussen.  “Most voters still have the quaint notion that the election will be held in 2012, not 2011…My view of the GOP race is that Romney has won the establishment semi-finals by beating Pawlenty and Huntsman.  Now, the outsider candidate has to be selected.  GOP voters would prefer to vote for an outsider, but want to make sure it’s the right outsider, and no one has closed that sale yet.  Establishment Republicans (and some Democrats) seem puzzled that GOP voters aren’t flocking to Romney, and that’s probably causing some of the stories you’re hearing about.”

Admittedly, Scott runs a business that’s pretty explicitly politics-based and politics-driven, so take his vexation – and mine, come to think of it – with a grain of salt.  Still, this is why we have primaries, folks: just because nine is too many up there on the debate podium doesn’t mean that we have to winnow the actual field down to one quite just yet.

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  • Rob Crawford says:

    The press is impatient. They want to get to work destroying the lives of the Republican candidate and their family and friends.

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