#rsrh Question for #occupywallstreet …

…how do you guys tell the difference between your protesters, and vomiting homeless people?

This is not a trick question.Β  You have to understand: from the point of view of normal people the usual trick of checking hygiene, smell, facial hair, fashion sense, and/or sign messages simply doesn’t work.Β  One wonders how your faction is handling that, assuming of course that your faction even really cares


  • Rob Crawford says:

    You’re assuming there’s an actual difference. Mental problems and substance abuse appear to be things the far left and the “homeless” have in common.

  • Mikey NTH says:

    (1) The guy is protesting capitalism with a $1,000 computer.

    (2) The deranged homeless are equally as incoherent as the protestors.

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