Why this ‘human microphone’ thing is a BAD idea.

I don’t care how much the practice makes people feel taken out of themselves and brought into the comforting embrace of the Collective Struggle Community – or whatever the buzzwords are – we have something called the ‘Internet’ now, and things that seem perfectly reasonable at the moment can give a completely different impression when captured by the uncaring eye of the camera.

Original video here: via Legal Insurrection and the Conservatory.  It would be a very, very cruel thing if people started infiltrating these goofballs with the goal of seeing how much of a Burma-Shave commercial they’d recite before a critical mass of the crowd caught on.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

4 thoughts on “Why this ‘human microphone’ thing is a BAD idea.”

  1. I bet you could get all the way to the punchline (i.e. “Burma-Shave!”) before the crowd noticed.

    If you were judicious, you could probably pull it off multiple times, even.

  2. Yeah, dudes. Show me how independant y’all are by mindlessly chanting anything some clown with a microphone tells you to. G’head.

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