#rsrh Another debate tonight! Vegas, baby!

CNN, starts at 8 PM. There are three people that matter: Cain, Perry, Romney. Cain… it may be messy for Cain tonight; whom the media gods would destroy, they first make the temporary anti-Romney. Perry needs to do something.  Romney needs to man up; because if you think that the media and other Democrats have any intention of letting him coast until November 2012 (assuming that Romney gets the nomination, which is not actually assured at the moment), I suggest that you look up what happened to John McCain.

The rest are just there; and I wish that they had followed Jon Huntsman’s lead* and dropped the blessed thing entirely.  Except for Gingrich, but that’s only because I like seeing moderator guts festooning the walls.

Moe Lane

*Thanks, Jon.  Not that I care about Nevada’s pole position in relation to New Hampshire’s, but I do care about having less people on stage.

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