#rsrh Justin Bieber vs. Amy Klobuchar.

What, you’re scratching your head, too? You can’t even root for injuries; one of the two people involved is a minor.

Here’s an opinion you can take to the bank. Justin Bieber thinks Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., should go to jail for a bill she’s sponsoring. The bill would make it a felony to profit from online streaming of unlicensed content, according to the Star Tribune.

If you’re wondering why Justin Bieber has an issue with that, it’s because Justin Bieber started out, as the Star Tribune helpfully notes, by “by singing cover songs that went viral on YouTube.”  Senator Klobuchar’s office is currently falling all over itself claiming that their bill would not actually send to jail people uploading cover songs to YouTube, which would be much more reassuring if I didn’t know that what Klobuchar’s people meant is that the law is not designed to send people to jail for uploading cover songs to YouTube.  Whether it ends up sending the next Justin Bieber to jail is… I don’t know.  Roll 3d6 and consult the Judicial Activism Table. Don’t roll a critical failure.  On the other hand, Justin Bieber is a Canadian and Amy Klobuchar is an American.  The former is thus formally invited to keep his trap shut while we kick the latter out of office next year.

I mean, seriously, Klobuchar?  A felony?  Is it too much to ask that Members of Congress stop being so lazy about passing laws?  And people wonder why books like One Nation Under Arrest get written*…

Moe Lane

*Full disclosure: I got my copy via… the Heritage Foundation, I think.  I like Heritage.  They do street-level activism.

3 thoughts on “#rsrh Justin Bieber vs. Amy Klobuchar.”

  1. This one’s easy. I’ll root for Bieber.

    Fifteen minutes of fame is much easier to tolerate, with a properly loaded iPod, than 6 more years of Dem stupidity.


    What’s on a properly loaded iPod? Well, a random sample from mine shows ..

    Hold your head up — Argent
    That Smell — Lynyrd Skynyrd
    Proud Mary — Creedence Clearwater Revival
    White Rabbit — Jefferson Airplane
    Rock & Roll Band — Boston
    Do You Feel … — Peter Frampton
    Radar Love — Golden Earring

  2. Klobby’s my Senator–and a weaselly scumbag attorney from University of Chicago, one of the Big 3 producers of weaselly scumbags. Go, Justin.

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