#rsrh So, what DID blow up in Iran?

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  • BigGator5 says:

    I would not be surprised if the Mossad was behind it. You honestly don’t want to mess with those guys. I personally would hand over my right eye to one of those guys if they asked me for it, then later express shock that my right eye just disappeared into thin air.

  • DaveP. says:

    Occam’s razor, folks. There’s a lot of ways for things to blow up (especially rocketry-related things, and especially especially in the Middle East) without any Mossad input at all. Odds are stronger that Habib the security guard tossed his still-lit cigarette butt into a fuel bunker.

  • qixlqatl says:

    But Dave, thinking Mossad did it is a lot more fun… 😉

  • DaveP. says:

    Qix, Mossad feels the same way. Remember, these are the guys who have the Middle East so spooked the Egyptians were blaming shark attacks on them. It must be one of the bright points of being an Israeli operative, waiting to see what unlikely thing an whole continent of paranoid goobers will blame on you next.

  • qixlqatl says:

    Absolutely, and if I were Mossad, I would be doing all in my power to take credit for every bad thing that happened to anyone who might fall into the disfavor of Israel in general or the Mossad in particular. 😉

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