#rsrh Amnesty International: arrestbusharrestbusharrestbush

There’s just something pathetic about Amnesty International, these days:

Amnesty International is calling for the arrest of former President George W. Bush while he is traveling overseas in Africa.


Bush is traveling overseas in Africa to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS, cervical and breast cancer across the continent.

Not to mention pig-ignorant: the odds that an African government would arrest former President Bush – who is generally well-liked on that continent, thanks to his diligent humanitarian work with AIDS and malaria – are, as they say, slim.  Then again, it’s long been clear that Amnesty International has the unfortunate (and stereotypically progressive) disease of treating non-Europeans/Americans as… well, there’s a Victorian euphemism that applies, but is probably not safe for me to use.  Suffice it to say that AI needs to stop thinking of the rest of the world as mobile cardboard cutouts.

Via @Yousefzadeh.

Moe Lane

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