#rsrh Ooh! Ooh! I know the answer to this one, Lanny Davis!

Davis, former Special Counsel to former President Bill Clinton, thinks “it’s a mystery why the White House and President Barack Obama are not actively defending Holder from congressional demands that he step down.”  It’s not a mystery at all: it’s because the White House and President Barack Obama know darn well that Eric Holder is as guilty as sin when it comes to Operation Fast & Furious.

As guilty, in fact, as your former boss was, Davis*.

Moe Lane

PS: The Daily Caller should have put up a transcript of their interview with Davis: you can tell from the story that the backpedaling was fierce in this one.

*Not that I would have gone with impeachment, myself; a good, solid kick in the testicles administered to Mr. Clinton by Mrs. Clinton – on national television – would have been fine.  Yes, yes, I’m such a squish.


  • Blast Hardcheese says:

    Did you really need to use the word ‘squish’ in conjunction with the image of getting kicked in the ‘nads by Hillary?

    National TV? Heck, put it on Pay Per View. Build it up over an hour, show Mrs. Clinton getting pointers from an NFL place kicker…ohh, yeah.

  • Demosthenes says:

    It’s rare that a comment thread is won in the first sentence of the first comment. We should all congratulate Blast Hardcheese for achieving this impossible feat.

  • lourae says:

    Indeed, congratulations are in order . . . and I’m pretty sure Bill did receive that kick behind closed doors. Shame, that.

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