#rsrh Our poor President’s awful Christmas quandary.

What IS this garbage?

President Obama faces a most difficult decision with the payroll tax extension up in the air, and it isn’t whether to compromise with Republicans.

The toughest call for the president this holiday season could be whether to join his family for Christmas in Hawaii or stay in lonely Washington.

Let me make it simple: President Obama’s job description does not include “$4 million holiday trips to Hawaii.”  Considering he bungled this entire situation in the first place by deciding to play games on the Keystone ethical oil pipeline, Obama should do what the rest of us have to do when our actions screw up our vacation plans: grow up and buckle down.  Besides, when you’re President you work the job, not the clock.  Alternatively, Obama can take full advantage of the fact that nobody can tell the President of the United States what to do and just freaking go on yet another vacation without all this fake agony over the situation.  That’s more or less endurable, too.  Just… stop whining about it, already.

Hey, if President Obama doesn’t like it he can always quit.  Judging from past performance, it’s not like the Republic is going to collapse if Obama leaves his current job.

Moe Lane

PS: I think that I know which movie William Jacobson is thinking of.  Had sequels, right?


  • Brad S says:

    This garbage is proof positive that “politics” nowadays is little more than a glorified “Hottie v Nottie” yay-team-ism. Try to do anything that smacks of accomplishment in this dreck.

  • Joanna says:

    The most annoying line is how it would deprive the President of his family. As if there is something stopping the family from spending Christmas in Washington.

  • Kimberly Marvel says:

    Moe: Do you really think any of us should want to be inflicted with Joe Biden as President? Please, I shudder at the thought. Let him go on vacation, he can’t screw things up any worse while he’s gone.

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