Also, should work on your mobiles again.

It was down because we were working on a more mobile-friendly mobile version, and the WAMP WAMP WAMP apparently interfered with the WAMP WAMP WAMP and caused a WAMP WAMP WAMP.


Look, I’m just the trained monkey that hits the keys in a particular sequence in order to make content come out. This actual infrastructure stuff involves math: and math is HARD. Anyway, I believe that the quest to provide a new and improved WAMP WAMP WAMP continues…

3 thoughts on “Also, should work on your mobiles again.”

  1. If you put the last two posts together, it sort of explains why you thought that iPad had more magic in it than it really does. The whole thing makes me sigh. I used to be a geek. Then I got old enough to realize that keeping up is really hard. Now my daughters mock me.

  2. I’m told that Carrington has a really good WAMP WAMP WAMP although I haven’t bothered just yet.

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