#rsrh The consequences of 2006/2008, part XCVIII.

Sean Trende has a typically good analysis up of Team Romney’s structural advantage going into 2012. Short version: Romney’s always been more or less in second place and 2006/2008 were two election cycles where it was hard out there for a Republican governor. We lost a bunch of sitting governors and had a lot of gubernatorial candidates lose their elections… and that’s a problem, because Republicans prefer governors for Presidential candidates.

We really prefer governors for Presidential candidates.

I note all of this mostly to remind people that there’s going to be more candidates on the ticket this November than the eventual Republican candidate for President. And that 2014 may be even more important, in terms of long-term development…


  • algonquin says:

    Perry announces 15 day tour in South Carolina starting Sunday:

    TheState.com a South Carolina paper.

    He’s also opened a Perry store on his website.

  • Aruges says:

    More reasons to go full bore on supporting Scott Walker in WI. We will need someone with that kind of grit and political bravery for the long long recovery from our Progressive disease.

  • Rob Crawford says:

    I could swear there was an actual conservative governor running for the nomination… naw, must have imagined it.

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