#rsrh Detroit. Just… Detroit.

Walter Russell Meade is trying to patiently explain things to the Left again:

Detroit isn’t broke because it has an African American majority; it is broke because for decades its politicians have spent more money than they had, and because Detroit never figured out how to reinvent itself as it lost its industrial core. (Pittsburgh and Chicago are two rust belt cities that have been much more successful than Detroit.  Atlanta has done much better under African American leadership than Detroit.) The state government and the feds aren’t refusing to bail it out because so many Detroiters are African American.  The state doesn’t have the money to bail it out, and the GOP nationally believes that bailouts enable bad behavior rather than changing it.  There is no support for bailouts in predominantly non-Black jurisdictions like New York state and California.

Although I don’t know why he’s bothering: accusations of racism aren’t so much a weapon for the Democrats as it is pretty much the entire arsenal when it comes to maintaining control of urban centers.  God knows that they can’t really point to their actual records at supporting liberal urban policy.

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  • acat says:

    Cat’s Detroit bailout proposal:

    Bulldoze every empty house.

    Why should the GOP get on board?

    Clean voter rolls.

    Purge the rolls of anyone living at a bulldozed address.


  • Spegen says:

    To make it worse, the mayor is claiming the state owes millions to the city from some old agreement. Nothing is going to save Detroit under the current city leaders. Only an emergency manager would be willimg to make the politically impossible decisions.

  • Jeff says:

    Nothing is going to save Detroit under the current CITY COUNCIL. The current MAYOR has some good ideas. One of which, indecently, is to bulldoze vast swaths of unoccupied housing. I’m not sure if I like Mayor Bing entirely on his own merits or I like him just because he different from the cartoon-level villainy that has been associated with the phrase “Mayor of Detroit” for my entire adult life. I still have fond memories of Mayor Young’s serious proposal for a casino boat that would circumvent state law by sailing out into “international waters” on Lake St. Clair.

  • Murgatroyd says:

    Nothing is going to save Detroit …                                                              
    … except a MONORAIL!

  • Wombat-socho says:

    Just sell the damn city to Omnicorp and have done with it.

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