Good Lord, Phil Foglio.

That’s just… ow.  OW. Don’t do that.

But I’ll believe it when I see proof.  This is, after all, Girl Genius: which is to say, a comic about Mad Scientists going out and warping reality and destroying the local landscape in order to get a better lemon scone.

12 thoughts on “Good Lord, Phil Foglio.”

  1. One or both of the Lucretias has him. Characters like that simply. Don’t. Die. Offscreen. Period.

    This scene however, reminds me of Miles at the end of Cryoburn – that sense of a great weight descending.

  2. for a second there I thought you said “get a better lemon scene” (which any hardcore anime fan (which is to say a hardcore fan, not a fan of hardcore) can tell you means something VERY different.)

    I doubt the baron is dead, he still has way too many secrets to reveal.

    I’m wondering if time travel might get involved soon. Punch and judy seemed to think that Klaus was working for the other when Bill and Barry went off to face her, but we know that Klaus was in Skifander at the time (where he was known as Chump, the mighty warrior, and father of Zeetha) time windows have been introduced, so why not send a slaver wasp controlled Klaus back in time to use against B&B.

  3. Higgs is NOT a bo’sun, he is an airman third class, the lowest rank there is. Guys on their first day in the fleet have the same rank.

  4. I’ll believe Klaus is dead when Phil and Kaja show us the inert body, and not one minute sooner.

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