#rsrh This, of course, means nothing…

…at least, it means nothing to roughly 99% of the population.

President Fav Unfav Net
Barack Obama 46 49 -3
George W Bush 45 46 -1\

Poll from PPP; via Don Surber.  Anyway… as said before, this is unimportant to something like 99% of the population.  But for those poor one percenters who unwisely defined their lives by their hatred of GWB… well.  It must be like acid on their souls, I’m sure.


:brightly: Well, time for a late lunch!

Moe Lane


  • Doug Stewart says:

    It’s like that Doctor Who episode where Sarah Jane Smith returns and there are those bat aliens that are using super-refined brain oil to make English schoolkids into parallel computing nodes in an effort to crack the universal constant, or something, and the oil plus their own mutations put them far enough out of sync that it becomes highly deadly/toxic to them.

    Or something. Dunno, K-9 was in it too.

  • Doug Stewart says:

    Ahh, “School Reunion” — that’s the one.


    Think I’ll start calling those Bush-haters “Krillitanes” in honor.

  • Rob Crawford says:

    Didja notice that the chief “Krillitane” was Rupert from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”?
    I admit I didn’t until the second time I watched it.

  • Doug Stewart says:

    I must confess to having only joined the Whedonverse at Firefly and have never gone back to check out the Buffy corner of said ‘verse.

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