#rsrh Another angle on Jan Brewer’s Mitt Romney endorsement.

Ed Morrissey’s thoughts on Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s endorsement of Mitt Romney make sense, but there’s another thought: could this simply be about immigration?  Romney’s portraying himself as a hardline immigration hawk at this point*, and Brewer got herself elected in 2010 largely on her willingness to take and keep a hard line on the topic herself.  Not too surprising that this might translate into an endorsement, honestly.

But will it work?  Don’t know, don’t care.

Moe Lane

*Note my choice of verb.


  • Mary says:

    Jan Brewer’s endorsement could, like so many others have been bought by Romney campaign. She saw how Pierce’s campaign was bought by the pressure brought on state by anti-American mayor of Los Angeles, Obama and Holder and their fellow open border fanatics.

  • T_Bladel says:

    I think it does make sense for her, Romney is a hardliner now, and he is likely to be the nominee. So why not endorse him.

  • qixlqatl says:

    Considering all the options, I expect Mickey Mouse to do exceptionally well in the general.

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