#rsrh The major thing to take away from the Michigan results.

Yet, again, we have seen that calls for “strategic” cross-party voting DOES NOT WORK: the call for Democrats to vote for Rick Santorum in the primary came from everybody from the Democrats to Santorum himself, and Mitt Romney won Michigan anyway.  Then again, we already kind of knew that so-called “Operation Chaos” operations work much better on paper than in reality; if that sort of thing had actually been a valid strategy then cynical political operatives would have been routinely resorting to it for the last fifty years.

Sorry if this disappoints.

3 thoughts on “#rsrh The major thing to take away from the Michigan results.”

  1. Frankly, I’m glad they generally don’t work. I wish places like NH and MI would go back to closed primaries so they could NEVER work.

  2. Not really possible in Michigan to many regular Republican voters are independents, at least that’s my take on it. A side note on the primary, I think the whole get Democrats to vote for Santorum may have backfired to some extent(check how many D votes Romney got, also a majority of the uncommitted switched to him on election day). I think it’s because of the attempts to get the D’s involved. Also you can tell O’Bama’s worried, this is the first time in forty years one political party has seriously attempted to interfere in the other parties primary. The last sitting President to do that was Nixon. Rush doesn’t count.

  3. I live in Michgan and can inform from experience: Crossovers are tried at every primary and some efforts are more effective than others. Democrats had no real choices{Barry or Zilch!} so it played to their purported sensibilities to meddle.
    What is hilarious to imagine{Hey!, A Guy can Fantisize, Right?}is if BHO had real opposition and conservatives could reciprocate. In this state, the Unions would Be-A Marchin’!!

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