#rsrh Bob Obamacare-loving Kerrey is probably thanking God for this.

If I was running for Senate in Nebraska, I too would be hoping like Hell that the progressive blogosphere would be spitting blood and screaming futilely at the thought.  It’d help explain away why I’d… well, I would personally take a job like running the New School.  It’d be too much like being the warden of an insane asylum where the inmates are the only ones with the keys and the wrist restraints.  But if I had taken that job, having liberal activists pout until they turned Blue in the face and fell over would be a bit of a mitzvah.

Not that it will help Bob Kerrey much, since he really is… how did Politico put it, again? Ah, yes – a “latte-sipping carpetbagger who spent the last decade in the liberal enclave of Greenwich Village.”  More to the point, he wouldn’t vote to repeal Obamacare.

US Today (H/T: Reason) is finding majorities for repealing Obamacare among registered voters in swing states: anybody feel like arguing that likely voters in Nebraska (McCain 57%) are going to be more forgiving on that topic?

Moe Lane


  • Ric Locke says:

    That’s if any Republican can be bothered to mention the issue. Which they won’t. Some reporter will ask about birth control, and after that it’ll be all vaginas all the time, with Democrats smirking behind their hands. It’s enough to make me give Amanda Marcotte props for insight. They all oughta change their last names to ‘Sullivan’ and look for gigs writing op-eds.

  • dave says:

    Well I live 3 streets over from him in west vilage NYC and they were here incity this weekend eating at cafe cluny

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