#rsrh Has the Chinese Communist Party lost the Mandate of Heaven?

…because – and forgive this ignorant foreigner for making this observation – but the People’s Republic of China’s endemic structural problems seem to be precisely what happens when you attempt to run an imperial-style government without an actual, you know, Emperor.  Which is to say, the system works well enough until somebody needs a decision made by a person who is recognized to have universal authority.  When that’s not available… well, that’s when things start getting messy.

I understand the unwillingness of the Chinese people to go through another Mao, of course.  So I recommend a constitutional monarchy* with a strong parliament that permits non-Communist Party members to hold office.  The rest will more or less work itself out.  I also suggest letting the Chi-Coms retain certain of their traditional customs and/or folkways: to paraphrase David Weber, permitting the use of “Comrade Emperor” as a title of respect really will help to accommodate the hardliners to the new Son of Heaven…

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Moe Lane

*I wouldn’t go with strict primogeniture; designating one family – preferably with a clean genetic history – to draw from for rulers should probably work out well enough in the short run.  But those are technical details.

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  • R.S says:

    Your link to David Weber made my day. I still think this was one of his best series, and the man has published a heck of a lot over the years.

    If you are a person who hasn’t read that series you can read the first book for FREE (legally!) at the Baen Free Library:

    (along with about a dozen other free books by Weber)

    Btw, if you are ever in one of those nerd wars where they play “which fictional character or ship would you want on your side” bring up Dahak. He is pretty hard to beat.

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