#rsrh Benjamin Kerstein rhetorically punches Peter Beinart in the nose.

It’s about Peter Beinart’s relationship with Zionism, and anti-Zionism… look, the title is “House Jew, Field Jew.”  With all of the historical connotations that such a title implies, and with Beinart being identified as being one of the former.  It’s a harsh piece – and this is me saying that: I despise Beinart for casually and serially violating The New Republic over several years, all for the sake of a bankrupt antiwar ideology that nobody credible takes seriously*.  Whether it’s a fair piece… up to the reader, really.  Certainly there are things in Kerstein’s piece that I would have felt constrained not to write; whether that’s because they weren’t correct, or weren’t politically correct, for me to write is a surprisingly hard question to answer.

Assessing the impact of cultural taboos can be like that.

Moe Lane

*I nearly wrote ‘any more,’ but that would imply that credible people ever took the antiwar movement’s ideology seriously.


  • Jack Savage says:

    Wow. This is not a punch in the nose, but a gutting of a fish.

    “We are the field Jews whose ancestors decided, at long last, that a piece of the field was going to be theirs: a testimony to their labors and their sufferings.”


  • lourae says:

    The disenchantment of Jews with the Left in general seems to have escalated. Hence Brooklyn’s surging GOP presence, no? And the sickening sensation that our President might be an anti-Semite. Ugh.

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