The difference between Left-Twitter and Right-Twitter.

The Right uses Twitter as a distributed network of information nodes; data can be passed along from trusted user to trusted user, with – and this is the important point – virtually no way for that data to be jammed by the opposition.  The end result? A secure communications matrix that allows the Right to form and keep a gestalt awareness of conditions without being unduly distorted by Lefty agitprop.

The Left?  Oh, they try to form lynch mobs.

What do you do when somebody makes headlines for trying to send an angry mob to the wrong address? You try to send an angry mob to the correct address. But only if you’re as smart as Roseanne.

Charming people, aren’t they?  Then again, the idea that a progressive would to try to use a medium designed to facilitate communication in order to try to shut people up doesn’t particular startle me; but never mind me.

Seriously, mind me or not as you wish.  What can I do about it if I don’t like it, anyway?  Send people to your house?
Moe Lane

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