#rsrh Obama administration can’t tell millions from billions*.

Of course it can’t. And much is now explained:

Obama for America OH, a verified Obama campaign twitter account, tweeted that “Billionaires like Romney should pay their pay fair. Except Romney isn’t a billionaire…

Merely a multi-millionaire – and those inclined to start whining and moaning that we are straining gnats and swallowing camels… well, they won’t use that phrase, because it’s from a non-trendy part of the Bible. But those who will complain will also remain silent about the fact that this administration has repeatedly demonstrated that it’s comprised of staffers who are so enamored of their own self-image and self-assessment that they never, ever deign to check their work for obvious mistakes. In other words, they’re slapdash second-stringers who think that telling themselves that they’re actually varsity will make up for that somehow.

Or something like that. Besides, Obama has a lower tax rate than his secretary, too. See him voluntarily paying more? Pshaw. He and his can’t even understand why it’d be necessary to do that in order to avoid being hypocrites, bless their hearts…

Moe Lane

*You may want to read this post after having a couple of drinks, including one with vodka in it: after all, that’s how it was actually written in the first place.


  • Rob Crawford says:

    If his annual income is over a million, then in a thousand years he’d earn a billion, so he’s a billionaire.

  • Stan Pruss says:

    It has been clear for several years that he is mathematically challanged. During the Gulf spill he didn’t bother talking to engineers, only lawyers. He doesn’t expect NASA to explore space of do science, merely praise muslims.

  • Kresh says:

    It wasn’t an accident. It was done on purpose. The lie oft told and all that.

  • Murgatroyd says:

    Don’t worry, if Obama gets a second term we’ll all be millionaires, maybe even billionaires!

    Of course, that will be because our money will be devalued to worthlessness, as happened in Weimar Germany and Zimbabwe …

    “Hey mister! Spare a billion for a cup of Starbuck’s?”

  • Phil Smith says:

    Well, a sports analagy is appropriate, but it’s not one involving actual time clocks and scoreboards, Moe. They think they can get away with it because the East German judge is always going to give them a 10 and their opponents a 6.

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