#rsrh QoTD, Umm.. “No?” Edition.


Can sniping at the Romneys for being a wholesome nuclear family in the mold of 1950s America distract enough voters from protracted unemployment and crushing deficits to earn The One four more years of protracted unemployment and crushing deficits? Stay tuned.

Having a stable home life isn’t exactly a negative for a political candidate, you know.  And making Romney into, like, a total square and stuff, daddy-o might have worked in 2008.  In 2012 the question quickly becomes whether the total square might be able to get more domestic oil production going.

Moe Lane


  • Rob Crawford says:

    “Wait, you mean this guy isn’t susceptible to blackmail?”
    Real negative to have in a president…

  • Catseye says:

    Sniping at Romney has been a poorly thought out, poorly executed strategy by the Administration. As the Hilary Rosen incident shows it has the power to blow up in their face. I wonder how many more landmines the administration will uncover.

  • lourae says:

    I ain’t looking for a dude to party with. I want someone to be our President. Ya know, have some expertise at running a huge economic engine, coherent foreign policy. Stuff like that there.

  • acat says:

    Squares have day jobs. Squares don’t have “beer summits”. Squares work for a living. Squares don’t mooch.

    Squares may not be part of the 1%, but they’re tryin’ to get there as fast as they can….

    Squares get the job done… and that’s what this cat is looking for. I don’t like Romney .. but I like him a lot more than Professor Cool …


  • Don says:

    I never understood the whole theme behind the accusation that “X candidate can’t identify with X group of voters.” Why would we want someone for President that was anything less than fabulously successful in every way? That type of person can only “identify” with a very select segment of the general population.

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