#rsrh Tell truthful? Watching Jezebel.com betray feminism like this?

It’s kind of hot:

Ciara Matthews, Walker’s communications director, is under fire for being both pro-life and a former Hooters restaurant waitress. “Profitting (sic) from selling a plasticized form of unnatural sexiness designed to arouse men while simultaneously believing that women should be forced to face the ‘consequences’ of actually giving into to their sexual desires is a pretty backward way of thinking,” the Jezebel’s Erin Gloria Ryan suggested, while apparently trying to embarrass Matthews by posting a “hilarious” photo of her wearing a Hooters uniform. (Curiously, Ryan also said that Matthews’ “shouldn’t be faulted” for working at Hooters.)

“What is the connection between my being pro-life and working at Hooters?” Matthews countered in an interview with The Capital Times, an outlet that self-describes as a “progressive voice” in Wisconsin. “Is there a hypocritical angle here that I’m not aware of? Is Hooters performing abortions?”

No, what’s happening here is that the writers over at Jezebel have confused the evil (yet brooding, mysterious, and somewhat Byronic) conservatives in their heads with actual conservatives.  Again.  Which is funny, but not as funny as their waiting for us to… I don’t know.  Freak out?  Sneer magnificently? Fly into a towering yet somehow majestic rage that reveals our inner, savage marauder?  – Sorry that I’m guessing, here; but I’m not really all that familiar with this particular sexual fetish of theirs, so I don’t really know what my lines are supposed to be.

Moe Lane

PS: Just to be explicit about it: neither the story nor the attackers highlighted in it really deserve a front-page mention at RedState.  This is no reflection on the Washington Examiner, which is a fine online publication that I believe we link to quite often… but even they cannot make a silk purse out of this one.

PPS: Just to check: what Jezebel did here was try to slut-shame, right? Huh.  Seems… kind of cheap and tawdry of them, really.


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