#rsrh Today’s FLEE CALIFORNIA WHILE YOU STILL CAN, FOOLS post: budget shortfall!

What? No, more of one than usual, actually: the state is in the hole for 16 billion, not the mere 9.2 billion that they were expecting to be in the hole for.  So, they can either ‘cut schools, cops, and firefighters’ – put in scare quotes because the trick of cutting the popular stuff first is an old, old trick – or the taxpayers can vote in more taxes via referendum.  You see, the GOP has just enough of a presence in the state legislature to prevent legislation hiking taxes; and it turns out that one side-effect of Democratic dominance of the California political process is that the Republican legislators that survive said process tend to be, ah, somewhat hardcore.

This says it all, really:

The Democratic governor said the shortfall grew from $9.2 billion in January in part because tax collections have not come in as high as expected and the economy isn’t growing as fast as hoped for. The deficit has also risen because lawsuits and federal requirements have blocked billions of dollars in state cuts.

Except, of course, for me repeating the title: FLEE.

16 thoughts on “#rsrh Today’s FLEE CALIFORNIA WHILE YOU STILL CAN, FOOLS post: budget shortfall!”

  1. State has dropped from 5th largest economy in the world to 8th since democrats have taken over, not enough money left here to prop it up anymore

  2. Liberals ruin the economy with stupid taxes and regs than they blame their deficits on the economic “mess” their republican predecessors left them.

  3. I used to think the California depicted in Robert A. Heinlein’s Friday was a silly exaggeration.

    Now I think RAH was entirely too optimistic.

  4. I read the writing on the wall seven years ago. Told the wife I wanted to make like a shepherd and get the flock out of there, and she agreed. We’re in a different blue state now, but at least we aren’t being Californicated.

    I feel like an East German who’s escaped to the West. I’ve been trying to extract my friends, but their inability to sell their houses is almost as effective as the Berlin Wall for keeping people locked into a bad situation.

  5. Tax revenues lower … “Unexpectedly” as Instapundit would say.

    I fled CA in 2007, only to find that too many Dems had gone to Nevada before me. Still, we don’t have an income tax here.

  6. Gee, Gov Brown- if you thought things were gonna get this bad, why didi you increase spending in your budget?
    Now that you’ve seen that standard LibDem tax-and-spend-and-tax-more isn’t working- see it right in front of you- will you try something diffrent, or is your plan just to do stupid harder?

  7. Fortunately Scott Walker isn’t their Governor or their budget would really be messed up.

  8. I don’t want anymore Calis fleeing. They’ve fucked up my state, CO, bringing their BS here. Stay in your own GD state and work to fix it. You’re just as bad as the freaking Mexicans leaving their country for greener pastures.

    You’re the morons that elected Brown AGAIN. You’re the morons that keep electing dems to the statehouses. Stay in your own damn state and work your asses off to make things right.

    Oh MM, it’s so hard, big unions and all those Hollywood types-Fuck you, you made the mess, clean it up. See MI, OH, and WI. I’m working my butt off to get worthless Perlmutter out of the 7th-DO THE SAME IN YOUR OWN DAMN STATE

  9. @MM The people fleeing are not the ones you describe; those are the people who stay, like pigs at the trough. I’ve been working on leaving for a few years and am about to leap.,About to purchase second home in Idaho, readied my home here to lease (better option & renters are booming since few can buy). I’m a CA native & this is hard, but I cannot stay. Hope my newly-wed daughter will follow with hubby. It’s insanity here on sooo many levels.

  10. MM I don’t blame you for being mad. Born and raised in CA 79 yrs. and I have watched these libs come in here from all over and ruin my state. I wish they would all go back where they came from……that includes Boxer, and Pelosi…both from the East Coast.

  11. I live here in The People’s Socialist Quagmire of California. It is one big liberal SNAFU. When Gray Davis was governor, he entered office with a 12 billion dollar surplus. When we kicked his @$$ out, we had a 38 billion dollar deficit. Which means he spent 50 billion dollars and we had nothing to show for it. Our schools didn’t improve, our roads didn’t improve, our lives didn’t improve. The economy was a bit better but that was because President Bush cut taxes and every state’s economy picked up.

    And do not forget that the two governors before Davis were Republicans. I don’t count Arnold (he came after Davis) as a Republican because his Kennedy-family wife has too much influence on him. And now we have governor Moonbeam again! I narrowly missed voting against him in 1974. Either way, he has not learned diddly in 30 years. Still just a tax-and-spend libtard.

  12. Either way, he has not learned diddly in 30 years. Still just a tax-and-spend libtard.

    The essence of modern “liberalism” is resolute denial that actions have consequences.

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