#rsrh, Tell us what you REALLY think, Alan.

I feel comfortable enough admitting this: former Republican Senator Alan Simpson has his moments.

Simpson also lambasted seniors’ groups for staying silent during the fight over the payroll tax holiday, at the same time as they encouraged their members to attack him.

“I didn’t hear a peep out of your organization either – except when I got a whole ration of mail from your people — they said they were ‘urged’ — obviously stimulated by you (thinking I was still in the Senate) and several of your fine stalwart membership then referred to me as a ‘Natzi pig f—er,’” he wrote.

I’m guessing that he may even have spelled that particular word out.

Moe Lane

Via Hot Air Headlines.


  • lourae says:

    Simpson and Booker should have a scotch together. (Simpson & Booker–70’s detective show?) The old grizzled veteran and the hip youngster take on the mean streets of DC . . .

  • Murgatroyd says:

    “… except when I got a whole ration of mail from your people …”

    I’m guessing that the word “mail” wasn’t his first choice here. The word that I most often pair with “ration” when I’m talking about receiving criticism also has four letters, but it isn’t that one.

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