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This was originally going to be a post on snickering at the sight of Virginia Democrats futilely trying to convince President Obama to stop getting in the way of offshore oil drilling for their state – the President simply DOES NOT LIKE increased domestic hydrocarbon energy production, and the sooner that the Democrats understand that they’re being overruled by a Luddite, the happier everyone’s going to be – but I got distracted by something in passing*.  The current split in Virginia’s Congressional delegation? 8/3 Republican/Democratic.  What was it, after 2008? 5/6 Republican/Democratic.  What’s it going to be, after November? …At this rate, 8/3 Republican/Democratic; or maybe 7/4.

Look, obviously you can’t do anything like a one-to-one correspondence between Congressional elections and Presidential ones.  But if Barack Obama wants to win Virginia again then he should start figuring out why it is that he apparently has no coat-tails at all there this election cycle.  And no, flipping VA-02 again will not be enough.

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  • Murgatroyd says:

    … the sooner that the Democrats understand that they’re being overruled by a Luddite …
    Not just a Luddite, but a lawyer too — someone who truly believes that all he needs to do to change the laws of physics, mathematic, and logic is to convince a judge or politician to order it changed, and it will be so.

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