#rsrh Bev Perdue’s fracking veto… accidentally overruled.

Background here: essentially, Perdue vetoed a bill permitting fracking in North Carolina, and the legislature overruled it.  Anyway…

There are so many puns that could be made from this story.

A veto by North Carolina’s Democratic governor was overridden Monday night because a Democrat in the state House cast the deciding vote, by accident.

The lawmaker, Becky Carney, accidentally pushed a green button at her desk voting for the override, instead of a different button. Under state rules, legislators can change their votes if they make a mistake, but only if the changed vote wouldn’t affect the result.

In Carney’s case, she was the 72nd person to vote for the override, the exact number needed to do so.


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7 thoughts on “#rsrh Bev Perdue’s fracking veto… accidentally overruled.”

  1. $10.00 says that, at some future point, State Rep Carney runs on bringing frackking to NC.


  2. How long till someone sues because she screwed up her vote and wants a do over? I know the rules of the NC House are pretty clear about voting and vote changes, but just know that an activist judge would gladly void the law over this. Is the NC supreme court packed with Libs?

  3. Well, now she’s completely hosed. If she had said, “I voted to override the veto so we could bring jobs and money to NC”, at least she could’ve used it. Now, the way things are, not only has she offended one party without concilliating the other, she looks like a doofus.
    The campaign commercials almost write themselves, don’t they?

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