As it turned out, a mistake *was* made, somehow/somewhere.

The Republic is safe; this blog is not one of the top 150 conservative websites after all.  There was apparently a glitch in the rating system, that once corrected removed moelane.com from the rankings.  I frankly found the idea that ML could be in the top 150 to be a little… disconcerting.  That RedState’s on the list?  Damn straight; and I can claim partial credit for that.  But this site is a bit m0re… relaxed.

Still: tip jar’s over there if you’re sad about my Icarus-like fall.


  • bkeyser says:

    Well, it’s an honor just to be nominated. 151 ain’t bad though… in moderation. 😉

  • Catseye says:

    That’s why I like it here I consider it a Safe Port in the internet storm. No small compliment, few trolls fewer attempts to attack my computer, I never get attempts to redirect me from your links or unexpected popups from your links. Just from what I don’t run into on your site I Know You Do Good Work Moe! Congratulations!

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