#rsrh My pointless attempt to explain things to Charles Blow.

“Pointless” because Blow must be phoning it in on this nonsense about oligarchy and voter ID and the rest; nobody’s this obtuse.  Well, nobody who writes for what is still a large metropolitan newspaper.  Still, just in case he’s being read by people who don’t get it, here goes: the reason why there’s no liberal ‘outrage’ over Voter ID is because there’s a difference between stuff that bugs you because it bugs you and stuff that bugs you because your side is against it.  Voter ID is a prime example of the latter; whether they admit it or not, most people will at least privately concede that if you need picture ID to buy booze, cash a check, drive a motor vehicle, or fly in an airplane, then it’s not unreasonable to need picture ID to vote.  They also subconsciously assume that city/county/state governments are all run by public sector union employees (read: Democrats) who will make sure that minority applicants will get their ID.

So… sure, rah-rah, Voter ID bad, where’s the phone?  I feel like pizza.

And that’s how it goes.  No conspiracy, no complacency, just a whole lot of humoring the paranoid.  Democratic party specialty, which is why I’m visibly disbelieving that Blow doesn’t know the score, too.

Moe Lane

(Via Hot Air Headlines)

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  1. It’s pretty simple, one side thinks that minorities are too stupid to get photo id in advance of an election, and the other side does not. And if you ask someone to identify which side is the racist side in this equation it’s a pretty fair intelligence test as well.

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