So.  Jailbreaking.  This is a thing? …I ask because…

So.  Jailbreaking.  This is a thing? …I ask because it’s apparently dead simple to get a jailbroken iPad to recognize a Bluetooth mouse, and I have been at war with Apple over its user assumptions since the day I pulled my iPad out of its shipping container.  I will choose what I am going to do with my electronic equipment, not some corporation in California; and if my view of the end result differs from Apple’s, that’s their failure of imagination, not mine.

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  • Eric Woodrum says:

    I’m sure you hear this all the time, but that’s why I go Android. I will use my stuff the way I want to. I don’t like being forced into a fruit-shaped box. But from what I hear, jail breaking is a fairly easy task.

  • Becky says:

    Clearly Moe, you need new friends and/or family. If they buy you Apple they don’t really love you.

    But yea, Jailbreaking became a big thing back when iPhone was AT&T only. People broke them out and used them on different services.

  • mrmacs says:

    Jailbreaking can be a big thing, depending on what you want to do with your iPad. I agree that Apple imposes a number of limits on what we can do with our systems, but at the same time, it protects us and the carrier from issues that other OS (‘droid) have created with their lack of management.
    Jailbreaking allows installation of apps outside the confines iTunes. Cydia is the main place to find non-Apple apps.
    The act of jailbreaking can be easy or complicated or hard, depending on the specific device and iOS that’s installed at the time, and Apple is in constant battle to close the holes that are used to jailbreak the devices.
    The only time I jailbroke one of my devices, my iPhone 4, it crashed shortly afterward and I had to restore from scratch. Haven’t tried it since, haven’t had much of a need to do so.
    Jailbreak is different from Unlock. Unlocking a phone allows it to be used on other carriers than it was originally designed or sold.
    If you do decide to jailbreak, make sure that you know the process and re-secure things like SSH that may be left unsecure, and perform a full backup of the device before jail breaking, in case you have to restore like I did…

    Good luck!
    A long term Apple user (Apple II since 1980, Mac since 1984)
    But my job depends on Microsoft, UNIX, and Linux…

  • Jbird says:

    Pretty sure jailbreaking will void your warranty. This is why friends don’t let friends buy Apple (as well as the exorbitant cost). You should tell Erik Erickson, since he penned a pro-Apple screed a few months back.

  • Neil Stevens says:

    Warranty? I guess getting inferior hardware and software just because of the warranty is a big deal for some?

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