#rsrh My latest Storify: Reflections on the latest round of embassy attacks.


  • Keith says:

    I like how it makes a group of tweets accessible a lot easier. One can just Tiny URL the Storify link.

  • Luke says:

    Seriously, WTF?
    There is only one acceptable way to respond when our sovereign soil is attacked by hostile forces.
    So why the [bleep] are we not doing it?

    Sure we can talk about the number of people in the mob, and how outnumbered the “defenders” are. But as I recall, defeating human wave attacks where specifically why we developed the claymore mine.
    Stack ’em up like cordwood. This crap will stop happening.

  • qixlqatl says:

    My answer to that opening question: No. No he isn’t as a matter of fact. He has funds to raise, you know, an election to win. What are a few dead Americans and a strategically important region going up in flames compared to that? Priorities, Mr. Lane, priorities……

  • Apple says:

    Do something to stop embassy attacks?

    He has a campaign to fund, an election to win, an economy to tank and Romney to frame for it. Frankly, he’s swamped!

  • Mikey NTH says:

    I would prefer they feared us for just ten seconds – the last ten seconds of their lives.

  • Wombat-socho says:

    I’m not that impressed by Storify, though I guess it beats retyping all those tweets into a coherent blog post…

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