Oh, yeah, happy Columbus Day.

I’d sing about it – no, I haven’t forgotten that earlier promises – but the only Columbus Day song I know is so filthy that if I were to sing it it’d kill household pets out to 100 meters.

Yes.  It’s so foul that it’s metric.


  • Lourae says:

    Well, now. I think Sully could use a lil’ ditty.

  • acat says:

    I am safely out of the blast radius.


  • Murgatroyd says:

    What’s the line from Doonesbury? Back when it was funny, a few decades ago …
    Uncle Duke on Gregg Allman: “His little band does not produce music. Rather, it emits a field of intensely unpleasant vibrations that can sterilize frogs at three hundred yards.”

  • LeSinge says:

    yes, Happy Canadian Thanksgiving…

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