New Iron Man 3 Trailer.

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  • Aruges says:

    Please be good. Please be good. Please, please, please, be good…

  • Jbird says:

    I wanna see it!

  • Spegen says:

    What is with the Captain America costume?

  • Brian Swisher says:

    Could be Awesome Sauce in the making…
    Spegen – that’s War Machine.

  • xander says:

    who the heck have they got playing The Mandrin? Brian, thats not the War Machine, its The Iron Patriot.

  • Spegen says:

    Need the short-short version. Like the movies, never read the comics, who are iron patriot or war machine?

  • xander says:

    James Rhodes in the black Iron Man suit from the second movie is The War Machine. Norman Osborn AKA the Green Goblin, Spider-man’s arch nemesis during the Marvel “Civil War” series acquired Tony Stark’s Iron Man armor, painted it red white and blue and called himself the Iron Patriot. for more detail try wikipedia.

  • Spegen says:

    Thanks Xander. Its my only problem with comics, it is very hard to go back and read a lot of the older stories to catch up and really appreciate where the characters come from. just bought the Knightfall trilogy so I could read the origins of Bane, boy is that a large collection and it only covers about a year of Batmans history.

  • xander says:

    Spegen, you should also read “No Mans Land” Batman Rises also incorporated much of that. Well, you could just read a summary of it on Wikipedia, the movie just used elements from that story. But, then again, the movie only used bits and pieces of Knightfall too.

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