Mayor Bloomberg to hold marathon, despite pleas from Staten Island.

This is… foul. And more than a bit tawdry.

Desperately needed food, water and generators were being rushed Thursday to Sandy-ravaged Staten Island while local leaders blasted the city’s “idiotic” plan to stage the New York City Marathon in the midst of the crisis.

Staten Island Councilman James Oddo urged Mayor Bloomberg to reconsider, especially while rescue efforts are still underway on the hard-hit South Shore.

“The notion of diverting even one police officer, one first responder, one asset away from this carnage is beyond irrational,” the Republican lawmaker told The Daily News.

“The mayor said to me, ‘We’re not going to diminish what is happening on Staten Island.’ You know what happens on marathons – you put a cop on every corner. How are we going to have enough resources?”

The answer, of course: they won’t. Because Staten Islanders are not as important as NYC Marathoners, apparently.

And I am going to stop typing now.

Moe Lane

6 thoughts on “Mayor Bloomberg to hold marathon, despite pleas from Staten Island.”

  1. Yeah, what a joke. What’s the point, anyway? What are the odds of anyone beating Michael Phelps, anyway?

    Too soon?

  2. The problem is, when I type about stuff like this, I eventually break my keyboard. Lose too many reading about this kind of idiocy.

  3. In related news, NYC bakeries asked to increase production before circus arrives into town.

  4. The residents of Staten Island need to gather up, cut the red tape, and obtain required supplies en masse from the Marathon Distribution Centres (Europen spelling very much intended). Make a stand. Make a point. Water, electricity and bathrooms are all in abundant supply on the route. Insane.

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