So, tell me again how well Obama and Bloomberg are handling #Sandy.

The list is appalling.

No wonder somebody made this video.

As the President says: “Don’t boo, vote.  Voting is the best revenge.”

Moe Lane (crosspost)

[UPDATE] Rudy Giuliani minces no words.

“The president getting all this credit so early, maybe the first day or two he was paying attention, but the minute he got his credit, the minute he got his pat on his back, we had the same situation as we had in Benghazi,” Giuliani said. “He loses focus. He goes back to being campaigner-in-chief rather than commander-in-chief.”


  • Crawford says:

    The scary thing is, Nero handled the Great Fire of Rome better than Bloomberg’s handling this storm. Nero didn’t even have any advanced warning!

  • acat says:

    Somewhere, Michael DeWayne Brown is smiling.
    Wikipedia tells me “somewhere” is “Denver, CO”.

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