QotD, Barack Obama Said The Same Thing As Marco Rubio On Age Of Earth edition.

Allahpundit, responding to Mary Katherine Ham’s pleased surprise that Slate actually would admit that Barack Obama had said pretty much the same thing about Bible literalism that Marco Rubio did, and that liberals shouldn’t criticize the latter without criticizing the former:

So yeah, this is a rare case where I’m right in line with mainstream left-wing opinion. I think [Obama’s] lying his ass off because he doesn’t want the political headaches that would come with professing his real feelings about certain core religious/cultural sensitivities. If he declared tomorrow that he thinks the Earth is 10,000 years old and that cavemen rode Triceratops to work, the media class would giggle, slap him on the back, and say, “That’ll really help Hillary in western Pennsylvania in 2016.”

This is… true; but fortunately the Left can’t quite get away with publicly admitting that they assume that their politicians have no moral fiber whatsoever.  Thus, providing this kind of counter-example still remains useful, if only because it forces – what’s the technical term? Ah, yes: “pretentious gits” –  to shut up until they can work out a suitable sleazy rationalization for why it doesn’t matter.

This can take some time for them.

Moe Lane

3 thoughts on “QotD, Barack Obama Said The Same Thing As Marco Rubio On Age Of Earth edition.”

  1. The sentence I have the biggest problem with in that Slate article is this one: “By arguing that every viewpoint has a claim to truth–that the geologists and theologians are each entitled to their own opinions–the senator gave up on dealing with reality at all.” I would say it’s the mark of an educated person, one who is well in touch with reality, to realize that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. Also, an educated person would also realize that such a realization does not commit one to the idea that every viewpoint has a claim to truth. And to think I had such hopes for Mr. Engber after reading his not-half-bad article on Nate Silver in the wake of the election. Well, at least he’s actually bothering to stop and compare the two. I guess that’s something.

  2. So Romney gets heat for not thinking about Middle and Working class people, but the guys at GQ, think the biggest issue of the day is the age of the earth? They need to be mocked for this. No more light footed response just outright mock them the way they mock Sarah Palin. That is what the conservative movement really needs. Change the rules. The left will be figuratively staggering around like a drunk man that has suddenly been cut off.

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