Heritage’s helpful poison pill suggestions if Harry Reid kills the filibuster.

Got sent the link to this via email, and I gotta say: some of them are quite fun.  I especially like this one:

  • A new two-thirds point of order against any net tax increase on the American people as scored by the Congressional Budget Office. This would be subject to a simple majority vote and is part of the Senate version of the Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution supported by all members of the current Republican caucus.

…although the anti-gun-grabbing one would be almost as good.  Watching the progressive movement discover that they’ve given the rest of America the opportunity to shut them up once and for all about the Second Amendment simply won’t stop being funny.


Moe Lane

PS: There are many, many things that can be d0ne to ruin the Democrats’ day in any election cycle where rather more Democratic Senators are in competitive races than are Republican ones.  Like, you know, 2014.  I would suggest that progressives first look up the term ‘victory disease,’ then stop indulging in it… except that I don’t actually want them to do either.

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  1. But that would require someone in the senate to you know, actually put their neck out… don’t see that happening, though there are some interesting possibilities…

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