QotD, Elections Have Consequences, OBAMA Supporters edition.

Unlike Legal Insurrection, I am pretty sure I know where I stand on the question How does one react to the news that moderate Obama supp0rters are unhappy with the news that they’re now signed up for an endless progressive offensive?

It’s hard to know whether to cheer their disappointment or commiserate.

I’m neither: I’m simply… indifferent.  This is what happens when you don’t think your vote through, first.  There was every opportunity for Obama supporters to grasp exactly what their vote entailed; and I’m sure that a non-trivial percentage of them are just fine with the looming slug-fest.  Which is fine; it’s the ones that eagerly allowed themselves to be lied to by progressives that are the issue here, and when it comes to them I’m afraid my sympathies are at best muted.  How did that Bob Heinlein quote go, again?

Ah, yes: “Tell your troubles to Jesus; the chaplain’s gone over the hill.”

Moe Lane

PS: Not my problem, sorry: *I* voted for the other guy.


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