Will Senator Tim Johnson (D, South Dakota) retire?

Very possibly.  From the Washington Post:

…in a telephone press conference with South Dakota reporters on Wednesday, Johnson said his earlier statement should have been more clear about the prospects he will seek a fourth term.

“If I run again, I will run a strong campaign is what I meant. But only if I run again, and it’s far too soon to make that statement,” Johnson said.

Tim Johnson has had multiple health issues, which – to be blunt about it – gave him a certain sympathy vote in 2008.  Couple that with the monstrous anti-Republican wave of 2008 and it’s not very surprising that South Dakota voters gave him another term.  But in this term he will enjoy neither advantage; Johnson usually has squeaker races; and he’ll be facing former Governor Mike Rounds, who served two terms and was quite popular.  The Democrats are nervous about this one, and rightly so: even if Johnson sticks it out he’s still going to be highly vulnerable.  And this latest backtrack of Johnson probably won’t reassure them much.

So I guess that we’ll see.

Moe Lane

2 thoughts on “Will Senator Tim Johnson (D, South Dakota) retire?”

  1. I live in the South Dakota state capital. Johnson had initially said he was going to run again but was putting off his official filing until next year. However, his current challenger, Mike Rounds, left the governorship with an approval rating of 71% coupled with Mitt Romney receiving 60% of the vote last month, the polling does not look good for Johnson. The basic fact is that President Obama is toxic to a campaign here, especially his policies, and Senator Johnson has voted party line to support them.

    Needless to say, Senator Johnson is not on just thin ice. In a “year 6 – party in power” of a very unpopular President curse looming. I think his polling showed he was going to need to walk on water, never mind thin ice.

    That is why he is seriously reconsidering his earlier statements. The people in this state know they can figuratively stick a fork in him. I think this showed up in his internal polling. He is done.

  2. Hey, Wubbies, my family and I spent a lovely night and early morning in your town. What a beautiful part of the Missouri River you have flowing through the area. We visited the State Capital, drove right up, parked out front, and went right in. Unbelievable! No security checkpoints and friendly people as well. We loved it…on our way to Yellowstone. I have a question that you might answer for me. On Interstate 90, west of Hwy 83, is an official interstate sign that states the ‘home of Senator John Thune’. Snce when did a state erect an official interstate sign to declare the home of a US Senator? We could not believe what we saw.

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