This Fast & Furious someecard (unofficial, I think)…

…via Instapundit was good:

…but I felt that it maybe needed to be punched up a little.

Not entirely happy with how it came out, tell you truthful.

5 thoughts on “This Fast & Furious someecard (unofficial, I think)…”

  1. I remember a stunning level of silence from the media when poor Mexicans were killed in massacres with guns from F+F. Now that rich white kids were killed, the media is all over it, maybe the media needs to look in the mirror and address it’s obvious racism

  2. I respectfully request we have a straight up diary on the gun grabbing. The media, and that means basically everything on tv, the net, newspapers, and even in schools and at water coolers is trying to rescind the Bill of Rights. I think we conservatives should discuss this and state where we stand.

    The Obama left has always used tragedies to further their authoritarian goals. What I am seeing is a silence by the natural defenders of liberty, masked as a respectful silence.

    Ben Franklin said “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Quotes are a dime a dozen, but this great man was inspired here.

    I am not questioning anyone here on the fundamental freedoms. But I do see a group that seems cowed, possibly by justifiable sadness, anger, and fear. This is why the Obama left is going to try to use us, they want to use our fundamental decency to march us towards serfdom.

    In case there is is diary on the subject at hand, I will state my opinion now. If the “leaders” of the Republican party support infringement of the rights of free, men, this will be the end of the conservative coalition. To be crystal clear, if our party votes for a so called “Assault Weapons Ban”, our party WILL break apart and their will be no clear opposition to the Obama statists.

    I have been conservative blogging with the same name for over six years. I have never called for a split from the Republican party. I am not even “calling” for such a thing now. But if Republican leadership supports taking freedoms from free and law abiding men, I am positive that the party will come apart, full stop.

    What concerns me is that even some who historically have supported the 2A seem cowed. Also, some don’t want to face the issue straight up, no strings attached. If even the majority is silenced for even a short time, they can lose everything; ask the Mensheviks.

    1. “Ben Franklin said “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.””

      Remember about ten years ago when we heard that from lefties about every 30 minutes?

      Apparently mass murders that take years of planning, infiltration from overseas, and involve the deaths of thousands are nothing to worry about, but random nutcases left to wander the streets because of the lefts’ own policies are cause to gut the Bill of Rights.

      1. actually I don’t. I get your point Crawford, but don’t give the left too much credit, they know nothing about Franklin other than what they might have heard from Chomsky. I will say this, although I give all due credit to our anti-terror warriors, I don’t doubt that the statist bureacrats have infringed the freedoms of good Americans in the name of terror- hell, it is what they do.

        What it comes down to is this, the younger generations were not raised to care about their personal liberty nor the nation as a whole. They might give up their freedoms, but I know that I will not give up what the Founders bequeathed. If I could think of something worse to lose, I guess I would, but try as I might, I just can’t.

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