Antiwar patsies and other Chuck Hagel supporters, please note…

…I understand that many of that ilk are breathing hard in anticipation of trying to scream “chickenhawk!” at the top of their lungs over the Chuck Hagel nomination until they reach their Special Time, but there’s a small wrinkle there. You see, the Obama/Biden administration is the first one since Roosevelt/Wallace where neither the president nor the Vice President has served in the military.  Which is… fine… but it does make it awkward when people want to try to use that smear.  I mean, if military service was the end-all and be-all of one’s political criteria, why didn’t the antiwar movement vote for John McCain*?

For that matter: if ‘chickenhawk’ didn’t work in 2004 to shut us up, why would anyone expect it to work in 2013? I know, I know: rhetorical question.  But still.

Moe Lane

*A question that the antiwar movement should be asking itself, actually.  Because I don’t think that they signed up for rendition,  drone strikes, and kill lists.

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  1. Had to admit that I read this as “Antiwar Pasties”…. was still an interesting comment. Just not as interesting as I might have hoped.

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