Turkey buzzard.

I rarely see these up this close in Maryland.


I know, I know: it vaguely looks like a crow, but it’s a turkey buzzard.  I mean, why would I lie about it?

Moe Lane

PS: Well, I wasn’t going to get out of the dang car and get a closeup.  Turkey buzzards are scavengers; I’m sure that they’re harmless, but I fully expect them to smell bad, and probably use vomit as a weapon*.  So I don’t hassle it, it doesn’t hassle me, it’s all good.

*Hold on, let me check that… HA!  They do.  Well, I knew that condors do that, so it only stands to reason.

5 thoughts on “Turkey buzzard.”

  1. Something is going on with Turkey Vultures this year. We normally don’t see them at all but this year my wife and I have seen two, one fairly up close. An Omen maybe of thing to come.

    1. Crows are supposedly a harbinger of war. I don’t really want to think what vultures are an omen of.
      Could be worse, I guess. Zombie carrier pigeons. Red-wing blackbirds (hey, one tried attacking me once). Ostriches. Rheas. Rhea Perlmans.

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