California’s energy bills to skyrocket?

Shock.  Surprise.

California has been a leader in Renewable Energy production, in part due to federal and state level policies that provide incentives for producers of renewable power. However, a new report found that California’s Energy policies will raise state power rates and associated costs by nearly 33 percent.

The report by the free-market Pacific Research Institute specifically focuses on the additional costs imposed by a state mandate that requires 33 percent of its power come from renewable sources, like wind, solar and geothermal by 2020. PRI estimates that the California renewable portfolio standard will be an additional $5 billion in 2020.

If this keeps up, we may need to put quarantine stations at the California border. I’m not entirely certain that whatever it is that makes the California electorate keep voting for this idiocy isn’t actually virulent.

Via AoSHQ.

Moe Lane

5 thoughts on “California’s energy bills to skyrocket?”

    1. If they’re drawing hope from Colorado, I’ll just point out that the native culture there and in Cali isn’t nearly as virulent as Texas culture.

      1. Here’s hoping plus hopefully the GOP in tx doesn’t alienate Hispanics as completely as they did in Cali.

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