5 thoughts on ““Boil That Cabbage Down.””

  1. I have fond memories of this song from my childhood…
    The comedy routine is new to me. Maybe this is where the guy that I learned from got the song from.
    I’m used to it ending with a short bit called ‘shave and a haircut, two bits’.

  2. I don’t know if there will be another chance to do this, so I will go right now. I want to be clear about my views on the “immigration deform” debate. The gang of 8 has spoken, and I will take this opportunity to speak.

    If the Republicans think they will do anything to increase their vote tallies with the hispanic population by making illegals legal, they are as stupid and irrelevant as the left says. Explain to me how when Republicans are crushed by the lefty latino vote, that it makes sense to make 11 million illegal hispanics legal?

    And if you say, “well, it is the right thing to do”, then follow up that comment with logic and facts. Why exactly is it the right thing to do to make law breakers legal? Why not say since people smoke pot, that is now legal? Why not say people speed all the time so that should be legal? Why not say being drunk and disorderly should get amnesty because it happens all the time? If one crime deserves “amnesty”, then why not others?

    And if you say it is different because we are talking about people blah blah blah. Then why does every country on earth that has control of its borders prosecute and return illegals? Why is coming to America a human right, when it is not a right in Mexico, Germany, or New Zealand? Are we to become the only civilized nation on earth that does not control immigration?

    And again, what exactly do Republicans think they can achieve? We have been whupped in several national elections. Who in their right mind thinks millions more illegals turned legal will bring us back to the good ol days?

    So many pointy heads say we need to change with the times, but they are the same losers that gave us Romney, Reince Priebus, et al. No, I say if we are going to have an amnesty, let’s open it up. Let’s have a tax amnesty, a drug amnesty, a gambling amnesty. Why limit the next amnesty to illegal aliens, should not citizens get a piece of this freebie?

    So that is all I am going to say on this for now. I think the Republicans are acting out of fear; they are hoping to placate the masses because they have no real strategy. They are so afraid that they are willing to give up the whole game on the chance that some of the placated group will pity them.

    Look, I care about people, but I also understand realpolitik. We have a bloated welfare state that will soon implode. Putting 11 million more on the dole will only make the implosion worse. Republicans can never out liberal the Democrats, and the sooner they realize this the better off they will be.

    that is my piece.


    1. anyone willing to respond to what I have said here? I know it is not great literature, but I do think it is an open and shut case, imho

      I think half the party* is going to go the other way on this, so I guess the issue is relevant.

      *not the people, the party “leaders”.

  3. Oh my…flashbacks. I wore out a Smothers Brothers record in my basement in the early 1970s.

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