A *very* entertaining truth-to-power speech by Dr. Benjamin Carson.

I have to admit: Obama’s poker face is getting better.

He managed to maintain it in the course of oh, about seven or eight kidney punches that Dr. Benjamin Carson made about Obama’s policies on education, health care, fiscal responsibility, and bipartisanship (or, more accurately, the lack of that) at the National Prayer Breakfast.

Seriously, if you haven’t seen this yet and you have a half hour free, do so. And note: the cameraman very, very quickly zoomed in so that the First Lady’s expression could no longer be seen. Smart cameraman. Very smart.

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4 thoughts on “A *very* entertaining truth-to-power speech by Dr. Benjamin Carson.”

  1. Besides the message incredible and encouraging message that Dr. Carson delivered, the body language of Obama was a site to behold. Bet the experts have a field day with it. Did anyone notice how quickly Obama tried to squash the applause by barely participating, and then sitting down as quickly as possible when the standing ovation had just got started? Fortunately, the audience ignored him and gave Dr. Carson his due.

    Another irony is how applicable the saying “death by a thousand cuts” fits the scene; sliced and diced with a word scalpel by a real surgeon. Can’t get any better than this, except that we have more people like Dr. Carson speak out.

  2. Apparently the CNN panel this morning had the collective vapors over this speech. Dissent, apparently, is NOT the highest form of patriotism. At this venue anyway; no really, that was their excuse for not liking it – he shouldn’t have put the President on the spot there. Also, it surprised them that another black man was doing it.

    “This was really interesting, number one for the venue, number two for the person doing this,” (Candy) Crowley said.

    – Mediaite: http://www.mediaite.com/tv/cnn-panel-asks-if-dr-benjamin-carsons-conservative-speech-in-front-of-obama-offensive-inappropriate/

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